Providence Village Baptist Church
Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Created for God's Glory, Living by God's Grace

 "Follow the pattern of the sound words that you have heard from me . . ." 2 Timothy 1:13, ESV 


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B. H. Carroll

 "A Church with a little creed is a church with a little life. The more divine doctrines a church can agree on, the greater its power, and the wider its usefulness. The fewer its articles of faith, the fewer its bonds of union and compactness. The modern cry 'Less creed and more liberty' is a degeneration from the vertebrate to the jellyfish, and means less unity and less morality, and it means more heresy. Definitive truth does not create heresy --- it only exposes and corrects. Shut off the creed and the Christian world would fill up with heresy unsuspected and uncorrected, but none the less deadly." -- B. H. Carroll

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 We are a Reformed Southern Baptist Congregation

As such we affirm the fundamental distinctives of the Protestant Reformation.  These distinctives are delineated in the Five Solas defined here.  Here is also set forth the 1833 New Hampshire Confession of Faith, which serves as PVBC's official doctrinal statement.  This statement may be properly identified as orthodox, calvinistic, evangelical, and baptistic.